Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG - ONLINE ENERGY course - Tranquil Retreats

Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG
6 week Online Energy course

Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG - ONLINE ENERGY course - Tranquil Retreats
XiaoZhouTian – Small Heavenly circulation or the Micro Cosmic Orbit – is the flow of energy within the RenMai - Conception vessel, and the DuMai - Governing vessel, which connect together to form a circuit of Qi.

RenMai is the reservoir of YinQi within the body whilst DuMai is the reservoir of the YangQi thus the Micro Cosmic Orbit is a very important circulation of energy for the coherent functioning of one’s Qi matrix.

In our journey as a Consciousness experiencing human form on planet Earth, the YinYang duality can lead to obstructions of, and stagnation to the smooth flow of Qi in the Micro Cosmic Orbit - affecting one at the physical, emotional & mental levels of their being.

Working with the Micro Cosmic Orbit can not only assist in unblocking these Qi flows but also in the evolution and expansion of the orbital Qi flow directly influencing XiaoZhouTian.

The opening of XiaoZhouTian is part of the Enlightenment QiGong training methods – a very relevant practice in the human awakening potential currently occurring on the planet.
The evolved XiaoZhouTian allows for a greater connective experience of one's Shen - Quantum/Spirit aspect.

Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG 6 Week course:

  • Week 1
    Activating the Gates: QiHai, HuiYin, MingMen
    Opening the Lower Orbit
  • Week 2
    Activating the Gates: ZhongWan, ShenDao, ShanZhong
    Opening the Middle Orbit
  • Week 3
    Activating the Gates: DazHui, FengFu, BaiHui, YinTang, YinJiao, TianTu
    Opening the Upper Orbit
  • Week 4
    6 point Gate activation
    RenMai circulation
  • Week 5
    8 point Gate activation
    DuMai circulation
  • Week 6
    12 point Gate activation
    XiaoZhouTian – Micro Cosmic Orbit

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Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG - ONLINE ENERGY course - Tranquil Retreats

Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG

""There is a crux in the body named XuanPin,which enables life to live by receiving Qi.
This is the residence of Shen, where the Three Origins (SanYuan) are gathered.
It is the cavity of where Jing (essence), Shen (spirit), Hun (soul) and Po (vigor) meet.

It is the root where the Golden Elixir (JinDan Qi) returns to, and where the immortals conceive their Holy Embryo."

1 p162 QiGong Meditation - Small Circulation by Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming

Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG - ONLINE ENERGY course - Tranquil Retreats

Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG - ONLINE ENERGY course - Tranquil Retreats

Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG - ONLINE ENERGY course - Tranquil Retreats

In this 6 Week Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG course you will consciously open the 12 gates of XiaoZhouTian with specific QiGong methods. Once these 12 gates are activated the Lower, Middle & Upper Orbits will be established. This will be followed by the expansion of the RenMai - Yin Qi reservoir and then the DuMai - Yang Qi reservoir.
The course culminates with the XiaoZhouTian - Micro Cosmic Orbit.

The practice of Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG is excellent for the following:

  • Awakening the XiaoZhouTian - Small Heavenly circulation
  • Opening and Expanding Energetic coherence in the 3 DanTians (3 core Energy centre in TCM)
  • Achieve new states of Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit
  • Expand personal Consciousness experience through XiaoZhouTian energies
  • Desire to feel more grounded in & connected to & through the physical body
  • Emotional disharmony affecting thoughts, moods & actions
  • Agitated or restless mind
  • Physical injuries, aches & pains
  • Post surgery or medical intervention rehabilitation
  • Pre surgery or medical intervention strengthening
  • Increased Qi/Energy flow through areas that feel blocked, stagnated or weaker than others
  • For the sheer joy of experiencing more Qi/Energy flow through your Qi/Energy matrix and the associated expanded awareness.
  • Awakening experiences

Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG - 6 Week Course

Booking Options:
£93.33 - 6 week course (12x45mins sessions)

Over 65s Discounted rates - 25% off
£69.99 - 6 week course (12x45mins sessions)

For alternative payment methods - direct Bank transfer - or payment plan options please contact us.

Course includes:

  • 12 x 45mins Instructional training videos
  • Guided Meditations
  • Energy Theory in relation to the course
  • Question & Answer support directly with the Teacher
  • 24/7 Access for the duration of the course (up to 90 days following the purchase date)

Micro Cosmic Orbit QI GONG ONLINE Energy course
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Qi Gong/Energy Skill is the ancient system of Vital Energy Cultivation developed by Chinese QiGong teachers over many thousands of years. It is the fundamental aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine which works on harmonising the Qi/Energy flow of the Organs (ZangFu) & their associated Meridians (JingLuo) through Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, QiGong & TuiNa.

Combinations of meditative focus, breathing methods, movement & stillness techniques are all aspects of QiGong, by interacting with & manipulating the Qi within our bodies as well as interaction with the multitude of Qi fields around us, one can achieve an abundance of Qi flow resulting in relaxation, health, rejuvenation & vitality.

This course is open to all & suitable for all levels.

If you know of anyone who may enjoy or benefit from this
Online course please do inform them.

This practice has the numerous benefits of QiGong.

No previous training experience required

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