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TaiChi WuJie

Date & Time: Sunday 31st January 10.00am - 12.00pm

Location: Online LIVE from your home or location of your choice
(You will require an internet connection & speakers)

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TaiChi WuJie

TaiChi - the Great Ultimate, and it's opposite WuJie - Nothingness - result in the expression of both Yin - inwards, downwards, sinking, contracting; and Yang - outwards, upwards, rising, expanding.

The greater the distinction between TaiChi and WuJie the more the YinYang Qi-Energy flows through the TAI CHI practice.

TaiChi Wujie

"... the Taoist theory of the birth of the universe.

These concepts were based on their observations of nature, their perception of the alternating balance of energy of the primal forces (Yin Yang) and the integral relationship between heaven, humanity and earth.

The Taoist sages postulated that from the pre-birth state of WuJi (Original Emptiness) came the primal spark and from the primal spark, Taiji (Supreme Ultimate) was born.

From Taiji, Yin Yang manifested as opposing forces."1


  • TaiChi WuJie - Online LIVE TAI CHI Workshop

    This workshop will focus on cultivating the states of both TaiChi and WuJie and the development of the YinYang Balance of Harmony within and between these expressions of TAI CHI:

  • WuJie - Balance of Harmony to Emptiness
  • Yin ChanSi - inwards, downwards, sinking, contracting
  • Yang ChanSi - outwards, upwards, rising, expanding
  • YinYang ChanSi - simultaneous YinYang expressions
  • TaiChi - Balance of Harmony to Great Ultimate

TaiChi WuJie practices of TAI CHI will then be expressed & practiced through a few carefully selected TAI CHI form movements - no prior knowledge of TAI CHI movements is required to participate in these workshops.

These practices are an excellent stimuli to the bio-chemical & mechanical functionality of the body and beneficially impact through the Physical, Mental & Emotional Qi - Vital Energy aspects.

    This TAI CHI Workshop will consist of:
  • TaiChi WuJie (Theory lecture)
  • Development of the TaiChi WuJie practices (Training practice) - no previous knowledge of TAI CHI is required to take part
  • Application of TaiChi WuJie practices to TAI CHI movements (Training practice) - no previous knowledge of the TAI CHI form or movements is required to take part

TaiChi WuJie - Online LIVE Workshop

TaiChi WuJie - Online LIVE Workshop

TaiChi WuJie - Online LIVE Workshop

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£11.00 for 2 hour workshop

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This workshop is open to all & suitable for all levels.

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