Cosmos BaGua QiGong - Online LIVE Workshop

Cosmos BaGua QiGong

Date & Time: Sunday 25th April 2.00 - 4.00pm

Location: Online LIVE from your home or location of your choice
(You will require an internet connection & speakers)

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Cosmos BaGua QiGong

The BaGua - Eight Trigrams - represent the fundamental principles of reality.

BaGua QiGong is a very profound Energy skill that the Daoist lineages have practiced for thousands of years to achieve an Internal-External energetic Harmony which works with the Reality of the Dao rather than in opposition to the natural order.

These energies manifested in the Cosmos are: Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus & Uranus - whilst their corresponding Nature energies are: Heaven; Earth; Fire; Water; Thunder; Wind; Lake & Mountain.

In the Human Qi/Energy matrix specific Acupuncture channels correspond to each of the BaGua/Eight Trigrams and can be harmonised through BaGua QiGong.

The inter relationship between the Qi/Energy of the Primordial aspect of Reality and the Manifested aspect of Reality is further seen in the FuXi BaGua & the King Wen BaGua. The classical Art of Divination using the I Ching Oracle, which utilises the 64 Hexagrams that are formed from the BaGua in different combinations, works with the energies at these levels.

Cosmos BaGua QiGong

"The Limitless (Wuji) produces the Delimited (Youji),
and this Delimited is equivalent to the Highest Limit (Taiji), or the Absolute.

The Taiji (the two opposing forces in embryonic, unmanifested form) produces two forms Liangyi, namely yin-yang, the manifested opposing forces.

These two forms produce four phenomena: namely: lesser yin (shaoyin), and greater yin (taiyin, which also refers to the Moon); lesser yang (shaoyang), and greater yang (taiyang, which also refers to the Sun).

The four phenomena (sìxiàng) act on the eight trigrams (Bagua).
Eight 'eights' results in sixty-four hexagrams."1


  • Cosmos BaGua QiGong - Online LIVE Workshop

This workshop will explore BaGua QiGong practices in both theoretical and practical aspects utilising traditional QiGong/Energy Skill methods and is extremely effective at creating Inner - Outer energy connections with the 8 Planets, the Cosmos and the Quantum field itself.
Aligning with these Energy flows can result in an ease of Harmony & effortless action as expressed in the Chinese concept of "WuWei".

Cosmos BaGua QiGong is excellent for the following:

  • Alchemize the Eight Internal BaGua Qi/Energies within the Human Qi Matrix
  • Connection to and absorption of External Qi flows such as Cosmos Qi of the 8 Planets and Earth Qi
  • Opening and Enhancing Energetic coherence throughout your Qi matrix
  • Direct perception of your Inner Energy-Information field
  • Desire to feel more grounded in & connected to & through the physical body
  • Emotional disharmony affecting thoughts, moods & actions
  • Agitated or restless mind
  • Physical injuries, aches & pains
  • Post surgery or medical intervention rehabilitation
  • Pre surgery or medical intervention strengthening
  • Increased Qi/Energy flow through areas that feel blocked, stagnated or weaker than others
  • Consciousness Expansion and Awakening experiences

Cosmos BaGua QiGong - Online LIVE Workshop

Cosmos BaGua QiGong - Online LIVE Workshop

Cosmos BaGua QiGong - Online LIVE Workshop

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Qi Gong/Energy Skill is the ancient system of Vital Energy Cultivation developed by Chinese QiGong teachers over many thousands of years. It is the fundamental aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine which works on harmonising the Qi/Energy flow of the Organs (ZangFu) & their associated Meridians (JingLuo) through Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, QiGong & TuiNa.

Combinations of meditative focus, breathing methods, movement & stillness techniques are all aspects of QiGong, by interacting with & manipulating the Qi within our bodies as well as interaction with the multitude of Qi fields around us, one can achieve an abundance of Qi flow resulting in relaxation, health, rejuvenation & vitality.

This workshop is open to all & suitable for all levels.

We look forward to you joining us!

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