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LIVE ONLINE QiGong Meditations

These LIVE Online QiGong webinars cover many aspects of QiGong using classical training and meditative techniques to work with both the Internal Qi field (3 DanTians - Energy centres, JingLuo - Acupuncture Meridian network & the ZangFu - Yin & Yang organs) as well as External Qi fields (such as Tien - the Cosmos & Di - the Earth).

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LIVE Online Qi-Gong Webinars in 2020

9 Planet Alchemy - LIVE Online Meditation Course

Dates: Thursday Evenings 8th - 29th October, 2020

Times: 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Location: From your home or location of your choice - online
(You will require an internet connection & speakers)

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£30.00 Full course - 4 weeks

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9 Planet Alchemy

A series of 4 QiGong LIVE Webinars that can be taken as a course or individually.
  • 9 Planet Alchemy - ONLINE LIVE Meditations
9 Planet Alchemy

We exist as an interactive Consciousness Energy field within the energy field of Planet Earth amidst the other 8 Planetary Energy fields of our Solar system - spinning around our star, the Sun.
As our Solar system moves into a new area of space on it’s 230 million year orbit – known as a Cosmic Year - around the Black hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, we have the chance to experience energies that Anatomically Modern Humans 1 (AMHs) have never experienced before.

1”Anatomically Modern Humans (AMHs) first appear in the fossil record approximately 200,000 years ago and mark the beginning of the subspecies Homo sapiens—the term used to describe the people living on earth today” https://www.greggbraden.com/evolution-answer-one-big-question/#They Are Us
9 Planet Alchemy - ONLINE LIVE Meditations

The Daoist Adepts through generations of QiGong practice have a very live interaction with these Planetary energy fields consciously using them to stimulate and harmonise their internal energy field.

These practices are part of the External - Internal WuXin energy flow which includes the following connections:
  • Mars - Fire Qi - Heart Qi - ChongMai
  • Saturn & Uranus - Earth Qi - Spleen Qi - RenMai & YangQiaoMai
  • Venus & Neptune - Metal Qi - Lung Qi - YinWeiMai & DuMai
  • Jupiter & Pluto - Wood Qi - Liver Qi - YangWeiMai & YinQiaoMai
  • Mecury - Water Qi - Kidney Qi - DaiMai
Scientific research is now also investigating the effects environmental Energy fields have on our bio-chemical systems.

The Influence of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity on Human Heart Rhythms

"Overall, the study confirms that daily ANS activity responds to changes in geomagnetic and solar activity during periods of normal undisturbed activity and it is initiated at different times after the changes in the various environmental factors and persist over varying time periods. Increase in solar wind intensity was correlated with increases in heart rate, which we interpret as a biological stress response. Increase in cosmic rays, solar radio flux, and Schumann resonance power was all associated with increased HRV and parasympathetic activity.

The findings support the hypothesis that energetic environmental phenomena affect psychophysical processes that can affect people in different ways depending on their sensitivity, health status and capacity for self-regulation."1


If you had some Conscious Awareness of recent Super Moons and current Planetary retrogrades affecting your Qi field whether physically, emotionally or mentally then you will find 9 Planet Alchemy a very interesting and beneficial practice.

The strong Planetary Qi fields, once consciously accessed, provide very potent stimuli to one's 5 organ Qi field.

9 Planet Alchemy - ONLINE LIVE Meditations

In this series of Meditations you will delve into 9 Planet Alchemy in theoretical and practical aspects utilising specific Qi Gong/Energy Skill methods.

Understanding how to consciously connect to and modulate Planetary Qi connections will be taught & developed and can be utilised to assist in integration and the creation of Balance within your Qi matrix on all levels.

9 Planet Alchemy practices are excellent for the following:

  • Connecting to and Balancing with the current Solar system energetics
  • Opening and Expanding Energetic coherence in the 3 DanTians (3 core Energy centre in TCM)
  • Direct perception of the Cosmic Energy-Information field
  • Desire to feel more grounded in & connected to & through the physical body
  • Emotional disharmony affecting thoughts, moods & actions
  • Agitated or restless mind
  • Physical injuries, aches & pains
  • Post surgery or medical intervention rehabilitation
  • Pre surgery or medical intervention strengthening
  • Increased Qi/Energy flow through areas that feel blocked, stagnated or weaker than others
  • For the sheer joy of experiencing more Qi/Energy flow through your Qi/Energy matrix and the associated awareness & experiences.
  • Consciousness Expansion and Awakening experiences

Qi Gong/Energy Skill is the ancient system of Vital Energy Cultivation developed by Chinese QiGong teachers over many thousands of years. It is the fundamental aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine which works on harmonising the Qi/Energy flow of the Organs (ZangFu) & their associated Meridians (JingLuo) through Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, QiGong & TuiNa.

Combinations of meditative focus, breathing methods, movement & stillness techniques are all aspects of QiGong, by interacting with & manipulating the Qi within our bodies as well as interaction with the multitude of Qi fields around us, one can achieve an abundance of Qi flow resulting in relaxation, health, rejuvenation & vitality.

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This course is open to all & suitable for all levels.

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LIVE Online meditations please do inform them.

This practice has the numerous benefits of QiGong.

No previous training experience required

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