Star Alchemy January 2020

LIVE ONLINE QiGong Meditations

These LIVE Online QiGong webinars cover many aspects of QiGong using classical training and meditative techniques to work with both the Internal Qi field (3 DanTians - Energy centres, JingLuo - Acupuncture Meridian network & the ZangFu - Yin & Yang organs) as well as External Qi fields (such as Tien - the Cosmos & Di - the Earth).

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LIVE Online Qi-Gong Webinars in 2020

Star Alchemy - LIVE Online Meditation Course

Dates: Thursday Evenings 9th - 30th Jan, 2020

Times: 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Location: From your home or location of your choice - online
(You will require an internet connection & speakers)

Booking Options: (over 65s qualify for a 25% discount see option below):

£40.00 Full course - 4 weeks

£12.50 - 60min session 9.00pm to 10.00pm

(Please inform us which session you intend on attending)

Over 65s Discounted rates - 25% off

£30.00 Full course - 4 weeks

£9.50 - 60min session 9.00pm to 10.00pm

(Please inform us which session you intend on attending)

Star Alchemy

A series of 4 Qi Gong Webinars that can be taken as a course or individually to explore Star Alchemy and Star energy connections.
  • Star Alchemy ONLINE LIVE Meditations January 2020
Star Alchemy

The frequencies of energy that radiate through the Cosmos are vast & varied. For millennia human kind has consciously linked with one aspect of these energy frequencies, that of the Stars.

There is a certain human - Star connection that most people have some awareness of, perhaps as one gazes into a Starry sky on a dark night, however this is only the surface awareness of a much deeper energy interaction that can be consciously accessed.

Daoist adepts have for many thousands of years trained with the Star frequencies and noted their affects on all aspects of the human vital energy system or Qi field. Utilising these Daoist QiGong technologies allows a stimulation of the Upper DanTian or energy field of the head with very beneficial resultant mental, emotional & physical states.

Modern sciences such as neuroscience, neuropsychology & psychoneuroimmunology all study how the brain & human body systems respond to various forms of awareness & meditation.

What happens when one also introduces an external energetic stimulus in the form of Star energy?

"Be open to experiences be open to the vastness of the universe.
There is much to experience, much to see, much to bring into your realities.
Do not allow your minds and your human thinking to limit what is possible."

CASSIOPEIA channelled message

Join us in the series of classical meditative QiGong practices, utilising the Star frequencies of the Great Bear, Sirius & the Pleiades to clear & open the Upper DanTian/Head Vital energy field for increased clarity & perspective in your life as well as for great physiological benefits.

A crystal grid will be activated to enhance your own personal tangible connections to the energy of the Star frequencies.

"The Milky Way Galaxy contains several hundred billion stars of all ages, sizes and masses. A typical star, such as the Sun, radiates small amounts of X-rays continuously and larger bursts of X-rays during a solar flare. The Sun and other stars shine as a result of nuclear reactions deep in their interiors.

These reactions change light elements into heavier ones and release energy in the process.."


This series of 4 sessions will examine Star Alchemy and can be utilised for the following:

  • To cultivate a direct Star energy connection/s
  • Are curious to experience and work with Higher Vibrational energy frequencies
  • Desire to feel more grounded in & connected to & through the physical body
  • Emotional disharmony affecting thoughts, moods & actions
  • Agitated or restless mind
  • Physical injuries, aches & pains
  • Post surgery or medical intervention rehabilitation
  • Pre surgery or medical intervention strengthening
  • Increased Qi/Energy flow through areas that feel blocked, stagnated or weaker than others
  • Disharmony or lack of Balance in oneself
  • For the sheer joy of experiencing more Qi/Energy flow through your Qi/Energy matrix and the associated awareness & experiences.
  • Consciousness Expansion and Awakening experiences

Qi Gong/Energy Skill is the ancient system of Vital Energy Cultivation developed by Chinese QiGong teachers over many thousands of years. It is the fundamental aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine which works on harmonising the Qi/Energy flow of the Organs (ZangFu) & their associated Meridians (JingLuo) through Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, QiGong & TuiNa.

Combinations of meditative focus, breathing methods, movement & stillness techniques are all aspects of QiGong, by interacting with & manipulating the Qi within our bodies as well as interaction with the multitude of Qi fields around us, one can achieve an abundance of Qi flow resulting in relaxation, health, rejuvenation & vitality.

Note: You are welcome to book and attend individual sessions.

This course is open to all & suitable for all levels.

If you know of anyone who may enjoy or benefit from these
LIVE Online meditations please do inform them.

This practice has the numerous benefits of QiGong.

No previous training experience required

Please book your place for these meditations in advance.

Full easy to follow instructions on how to join the LIVE online Webinar are emailed to you once booked. Support available in setting up webinar for beginners.

We look forward to you joining us!