Earth centre ONLINE ENERGY course 2018 - Tranquil Retreats

Earth Centre
6 week
ONLINE Vital Energy - QiGong course

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Available from 31st January 2020

In a world of ever increasing experiential variety our energy field is usually focused outwards: creating life, striving to fulfil external tasks & objectives.
The principle of YinYang - balance or harmony of 2 opposites - exists when these outwardly focused energies are matched with inward centring.
This Earth Centre course will guide you through Vital Energy - QiGong techniques to re-establish a strong inward Energetic centre to balance the continuous outward energetic demands of modern life.
    This course is especially designed for people who:

  • Feel rushed off their feet
  • No time for themselves
  • Always on the go
  • Energetically hollow or empty feeling
  • Lack of core energy
  • Diminished vitality
  • Find it hard to feel balanced
  • Disconnected within self
  • Detached from physical body
  • Get thrown by other people's energetics
  • Unbalanced by environmental energies

"the willow tree bends in the winds - dancing in all directions.
Well rooted it rights itself - never the wind always the willow"

As you practice the Earth Centre course's Vital Energy - QiGong techniques you can re establish a deep internal energetic grounding within self.
    Overtime this will develop into a natural ever present core or root energy experience that will give you:

  • Balance and harmony from the centre focus
  • Calm inner stability even when external reality is hectic
  • Connected root from which you can create your life
  • Ability to quickly re establish centre as & when required
  • Ground through self centring when over whelmed by external stimuli
  • Wisdom & knowing that comes from being centred & grounded within self

Earth Centre ONLINE ENERGY course

Earth Centre ONLINE ENERGY course

Earth Centre ONLINE ENERGY course

The Earth Centre course includes:

  • 6 x 45mins Instructional training videos
  • 6 x 15mins Guided Meditations
  • Energy Theory in relation to the course (pdf)
  • 2 x LIVE Energy diagnostics 15min sessions (ideally to be taken before & after practicing the course)
  • Question & Answer support directly with the Teacher

Earth Centre ONLINE Energy course
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