The Infinity Within

Date & Time: Sunday 14th May 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Location: Tara Yoga Centre London, 25-31 Ironmonger Row, Old Street, London EC1V 3QW

These workshops are open to all.

£40 for 3 hour workshop - For multiple booking discounts contact us

The Infinity Within

The Cosmos is continually expanding and potentially can do so indefinitely.

When we perceive how vast the physical Universe is and the concept that we are a fractal of the Cosmos then all the expanding potential of the Outer world must be mirrored in our Inner world.

How then can we have a direct consciously aware experience of this?

In China, for eons, Daoist adepts and more recently Buddhist acolytes have explored their Inner aspect through the Internal practices of QiGong - which combines deep meditative states, energy perception, Alchemical practices and heightened states of awareness.

Through these traditional methods one can explore inwards and come to one's own conclusion as to the limited or infinite nature of one's Inner World.

Modern scientific research, with real time neuro-imaging, shows how beneficial Inner exploration is as it requires the adoption of deep meditative states.

  • A more balanced nervous system and hormonal levels which eliminate any excessive flight-or-fight responses;
  • Improved functional capacity for patients with various heart conditions / heart failure;
  • Reduces blood pressure on average by 7 mm/Hg and also thus reduces such conditions as heart attack, aneurysm, artery damage and kidney failure;
  • Strengthens the body's ability to resist disease by boosting immune cells fighting against viruses, bacteria and toxins;
  • Longevity - telomeres, the all-important chromosome endings which keep cells fresh and healthy, get a boost from regular meditation practice;
  • Considered the most helpful of all available non-invasive therapies for supportive care of cancer patients,
  • Relieves at least five different hyperactivity symptoms (including lack of focus, sleeping problems, depression).
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    This workshop will consist of Traditional QiGong practices that can be used to directly explore your Inner reality and can also be utilised for the following:
  • Desire to feel more grounded in & connected to & through the physical body
  • Emotional disharmony affecting thoughts, moods & actions
  • Agitated or restless mind
  • Physical injuries, aches & pains
  • Post surgery or medical intervention rehabilitation
  • Pre surgery or medical intervention strengthening
  • Increased Qi/Energy flow through areas that feel blocked, stagnated or weaker than others
  • For the sheer joy of experiencing more Qi/Energy flow through your Qi/Energy matrix and the associated awareness & experiences
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Qi Gong/Energy Skill is the ancient system of Vital Energy Cultivation developed by Chinese QiGong teachers over many thousands of years. It is the fundamental aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine which works on harmonising the Qi/Energy flow of the Organs (ZangFu) & their associated Meridians (JingLuo) through Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, QiGong & TuiNa.

Combinations of meditative focus, breathing methods, movement & stillness techniques are all aspects of QiGong, by interacting with & manipulating the Qi within our bodies as well as interaction with the multitude of Qi fields around us, one can achieve an abundance of Qi flow resulting in relaxation, health, rejuvenation & vitality.

This workshop is open to all & suitable for all levels.

We look forward to you joining us!

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